Live Tweeting Part 2: We Tweet Again

The final update to my live-tweeting journey is here (see Live Tweeting Part 1: Tweet of the Moment). You know the gist: weekly screenings, sci-fi movies, linking to our lectures and additional content, and a nice bonus of attracting the attention of an existing fandom. 

Blade Runner 2049 (2017)

This movie was one of my favourite screenings, so I found it comparably more difficult to keep posting and watching at the same time. Our tutorial class seemed to be really captivated with the colour palette of the film, which is visually stunning, but we managed to get back to business.

It was especially great seeing some links with my DA focus of future fashion posted by other students and I made an effort to take note of other students’ DA topics as well. 

Alita: Battle Angel (2019)

As always, having the lecture transcript was the GOAT in keeping up with the movie while making links back to the subject content, and I wish all subjects did something like that. I had lots to say about this movie, which comparatively felt a bit more light-hearted and focused on the action/story more than some of our other screenings.

I also made an effort to point out links between this film and my developing DA to keep myself engaged with all the different aspects of the subject, as well as using the presence of other students to gain some feedback for my DA.

The best part about these screenings is learning new things from other students’ tweets, gaining different insights and seeing what is getting other people’s attention. 

Another highlight from this particular screening was grabbing the attention of the Alita fandom, resulting in some the highest engagement I’ve had so far with a tweet linking the film with my fashion-focused DA, an encouraging moment for its potential audience engagement and social utility.

Ready Player One (2018)

This movie continued along the more light-hearted trajectory of our screenings (something I’m now suspecting was Chris’ goal so we didn’t wallow in a pit of dystopian despair). As always, I aimed to make links between the events of the movie and content of that week’s lecture and suggested readings, suggest additional resources and topics I found relevant and interesting, and engage with peers.

Robot & Frank (2012)

Finally, we come to what I tentatively declare my favourite screening, Robot & Frank. I really enjoyed how this movie focused on the narrative and development of Frank and his relationship with his Robot buddy, without necessarily making the question of AI and its place in our society the main focus. 

Ultimately, I think this shows one of the most realistic images of the short-term future; in the quiet, unassuming adoption of advanced technologies integrated into various aspects of our lives. 

Final thoughts: Part 2

My first post describes how I was slightly intimidated with the concept of live tweeting, but we’re well over that now. While I knew that every screening was going to take a lot of work and brainpower, it also forced a level of engagement with subject content that also managed to make it fun. I’ve not only learned about future thinking frameworks, but have applied it directly and repeatedly to popular media that I can continue to apply to other areas of research in other subjects. It’s almost time to say goodbye to one of the coolest subjects I’ve done at uni, where I got to watch sci-fi movies every week and talk about it online. 



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