Week 14 Final Reflection (VCD101)

Welcome to my last post for the semester! Exciting stuff. We are currently in STUVAC and study mode, and will be handing in Task 2, our final assignment, this week. It has been an amazing few months finding our way around Adobe Creative suite, investigating design history and influential designers, and learning the little details … Continue reading Week 14 Final Reflection (VCD101)


Week 10 Research & Reflection (VCD101)

Today's topic: In your own 500 words expand on the meaning and context of that quote and what it means to you as a designer. The grid system is an aid, not a guaranteeJosef Müller-Brockmann In my studies of visual communication design, learning the changing design periods throughout history and understanding their context and impact … Continue reading Week 10 Research & Reflection (VCD101)

Week 6 Research (VCD101)

Today's topic: Find two examples of a monograms, one old and one new. Discuss the importance, purpose and qualities of each of the marks. How has practice of using a monogram changed over time? Monograms Monograms are a powerful and influential type of visual communication, and are an important part of the history of design. … Continue reading Week 6 Research (VCD101)

Week 4 Reflection (VCD101)

My research into design history through movements and specific designers has given me important insights and understanding of the impacts that visual communication can have on society, and vice versa. It’s interesting to consider that every choice I make as a designer can have significant impact on how my message is communicated, and delving into … Continue reading Week 4 Reflection (VCD101)

Week 2 Reflection (VCD101)

Our first task this semester is to find letters of the alphabet hidden in the world around us, encouraging us to 'see' our environment in a deliberate way. It reflects the phenomenon of pareidolia, the tendency for humans to interpret recognisable forms in vague stimulus, like seeing shapes in clouds or faces in objects. The … Continue reading Week 2 Reflection (VCD101)