Digital Artefact Contextual Essay

Just a few months ago, I hesitantly wrote in my bullet journal that I wanted to start a YouTube channel, something I had been considering on and off for a few years, to be honest. There always seemed to be a million reasons not to do it – it won’t be good, what’s the point, … Continue reading Digital Artefact Contextual Essay


Making my digital artefact (BCM114)

For our final #bcm114 blog post, we’re focusing on ‘making’, the last but certainly not last part of our digital artefact development. By that I mean that this entire process of ideating, prototyping is, as we’ve said before, an iterative cycle that continues on in an endless feedback loop. And right on cue, this post will not … Continue reading Making my digital artefact (BCM114)

Prototyping my digital artefact (BCM114)

Welcome to the next stage of my digital artefact, where we develop prototypes to test, evaluate, rinse and repeat. Here we go!   Prototyping For this phase, we are tasked to make tangible models of the problem solutions we generated during the previous ideation stage. My ‘problem statement’ in this phase was in terms of creating … Continue reading Prototyping my digital artefact (BCM114)

The Design Process (VCD102 Week 2)

One of the biggest areas of study emerging from our increasingly interconnected and online world is that of data, from the massive amounts of data being collected and the sophisticated ways to analyse it and draw meaningful conclusions. I’ve always thought data science was an incredibly interesting field of study and touched on it during … Continue reading The Design Process (VCD102 Week 2)

Research report: Asian representation (BCM110)

This is a research report for our second assessment of BCM110, where we could choose any media issue that had been touched on during the semester. This is an issue close to my heart, not only because I'm Asian, but also because I've been noticing so much more traction in this space over the past … Continue reading Research report: Asian representation (BCM110)