Reflecting on the narrative interview process PDF slides available here BCM313 Interview Presentation PDFDownload Above is my narrative interview with my manager at Junkee, a role I feel I was able to confidently interview for thanks to this very subject and its aims to reflect on our working experiences and engage in conversations about the future of work. The narrative … Continue reading Reflecting on the narrative interview process


Autoethnography of YouTube lifestyle vlogs Below is my full research report, including a transcript of the portion recorded in the video. [Start of video portion] Hello everyone! Welcome to my final research report for our subject studying media ethnographies. We are exploring this concept by investigating a media niche of our choice that we already regularly engage with. And … Continue reading Autoethnography of YouTube lifestyle vlogs

generation beta Integrating knowledge from BCM241 The background reading in the earlier part of the semester introduced some of the key epistemological concepts driving autoethnography as a research method and the various ways it’s been used in research. I was then able integrate this understanding to drive the development of my own digital artefact in a … Continue reading generation beta

the bigger picture needs the right frame(work)

Breaking down the key epiphanies I introduced last week allows for an extended critical analysis of my autoethnographic experience in watching YouTube lifestyle vlogs and application of some critical theories. These were: Epiphany 1: I particularly look for vlogs to watch when I do mundane house chores e.g. folding laundry, washing dishes, to set the vibeEpiphany … Continue reading the bigger picture needs the right frame(work)

third epiphany’s the charm At this point in the semester, we’re diving deep into our autoethnographic research into our experience as a participant audience member of our chosen media niche.  I started to record my field notes in earnest of my experience as an audience member in watching lifestyle vlogs on YouTube. These were written in a very … Continue reading third epiphany’s the charm