Research report: Asian representation (BCM110)

This is a research report for our second assessment of BCM110, where we could choose any media issue that had been touched on during the semester. This is an issue close to my heart, not only because I'm Asian, but also because I've been noticing so much more traction in this space over the past … Continue reading Research report: Asian representation (BCM110)


Public spheres (BCM110)

As much as I’d like my own 18thcentury style coffee house to invite all my chums over for a sociocultural goss, Habermas’ imagined public sphere is not quite that literal. He compares the public sphere to that of a coffee house, where citizens would debate common concerns, separate from the state and official economy (Middlemost … Continue reading Public spheres (BCM110)

Read between the signs (BCM110)

This week, we learned about representation and semiotics, the science of signs, and it got me to reflect on how information is presented and interpreted. Representation is how meaning is produced through language and happens through two stages, or systems, of representation (Hall 1997). To understand representation, we separate the physical thing with its representative … Continue reading Read between the signs (BCM110)