three heads are Beta than one

We’re back for a Part 2 of commenting and reflecting our Future Cultures Digital Artefact, this time for our Project Beta update. As I already mentioned in my Part 1 post with our Project Pitches, the sheer range of topics able to be analysed under the future thinking framework is possibly the best part of this subject, where commenting on our peers’ projects really opens my eyes to how creative and different our DA’s can be.

Sean’s project is to consider the future of social media in a series of blog posts, first with a general overview of the short- and long-term predictions, researching the role of social media management and finally linking it all together with this own photography business project and platforms.

My comment specified lecture content that I thought was the most relevant for his topic in considering the future of social media management as field and career. I also mentioned one of the key tenets of the future cultures subject in considering the past to orient the present and future, relevant in his chosen topic considering this career didn’t even exist in our recent history. I noted some research he had already conducted and suggested another angle that might be interesting for him to include in his final post and future career.

Shifting over to another aspect of the internet, Paige’s project focuses on the forum site Reddit, a platform that focuses less on visual content or influencer power and more on discussion and interaction. She asks several questions about the future of Reddit in the short- and long-term and will be creating a video essay of her research.

Being a fairly regular user of Reddit as well, I suggested a few Reddit situations that might interest her for her essay, one being more of an insulated, self-referential event within the Reddit site (the Unidan ban) and one with real-world impacts (GME stocks). Her questions about how the site might change and shift with marketing interests and use of the rise and fall of 4chan as a comparison are really thought-provoking, and a good use of the future thinking framework.

James’ project looks at technology in sports and how its growing use might affect how the game is played in the short-term future. He’s aiming to create a range of media content as blogs, podcasts and a final video essay. 

This project is a great example of how uniquely we can apply the same future studies thinking we’ve been learning to different areas of interest. I supported James’ decision in responding to pitch feedback and narrowing his topic to specific sports, both to make his life easier and have more potential to reach his audience. I also suggested an article that might be helpful for his topic, as well as one that might provide another angle in the impact of technology in sport. 

With each comment, I aimed to incorporate concepts from the subject content, suggest specific lectures that link to their topic, and provide further research avenues they might be interested in pursuing. Looking back, I think it would be helpful to link their topics to several specific sections of subject content that might help them in their final contextual essay and overall DA, as I think that’s the part that most of us struggle with. It was also encouraging to see that several students, like me, switched topics completely after our pitch feedback, which reiterates that as a normal part of the design process.

Onto the home stretch of Future Cultures!

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