project beta: back to the fashion

Initially for my digital artefact, I planned to incorporate my growing interest in filming and editing lifestyle vlogs to post weekly videos and explore the culture around journaling and surveillance with a future studies lens. While feedback was positive, I hadn’t figured out how to integrate what we were learning in the subject into the scope and utility of the project.

Inspiration struck during one of our screenings, and I decided to tackle the future of fashion through a study of speculative fashion in media and how it can impact current behaviours, both in terms of fashion trends and related social issues such as identity, sustainability and consumerism, using the frameworks of Wendell Bell and Marshall McLuhan.

Images of the future are undeniably supported by the fashion and look of characters in such texts. Fashion and colour theory is utilised to create specific meanings and characterisations, and can be examined through the future study lens with respect to topics like cyberpunk culture, retrofuturism and cybernetics.

I’lll be aiming to cover some of these bases through three different platforms; Instagram, Tik Tok and YouTube. Fashion content has always been popular there, so I want be brave and post images and videos that could reach a wider audience.

This project overall focuses on the medium term future of fashion by taking a look at what has been imagined in the past 50 years and speculating what it may become in the next 50. It addresses the possible, preferred and potential futures of fashion trends, as well as examining what has already played out, by recreating existing media and research into new forms of trending content, and be a part of the existing online fashion culture by providing entertainment and fashion ideas.

5 thoughts on “project beta: back to the fashion

  1. Hi Lia! Well done on really paying attention to your peer comments, it was clearly articulated that your prototyping was influenced by the feedback you received and that this led you to get back on track with your future focus. Additionally, your use of the screenings to reflect on your DA also helped with this focus.

    You have also demonstrated a much deeper engagement with lecture material. Because of this, I will suggest the specific research focus of sustainability which may help with your DA.

    Sustainability is a very fascinating theme to research when considering the future of fashion. Your awareness of fast fashion demonstrates your understanding of where fashion could be heading in the future, and your consideration of Bell’s three futures can help you reflect on how different the preferable and possible futures are, and how they depend on humanities behaviour. To help you imagine the preferable future of fashion, refer to Mitchel Joachim’s work, who is a futurist mentioned in the week six lecture. Joachim designs environmental cities, and his work is a brilliant example of how predictive design can explore aesthetics and reflect the societies that surround it, much the same way fashion works. When watching his TED talk ( try to think about what environmentally friendly innovations may be adopted into fashion. This exercise will give you a futurists point of view, which will help with your future focus, especially considering you’re looking 50 years into the future.

    With sustainability in mind, you may have to consider fashion as something beyond aesthetics and think about the responsibility a fashion designer has when making clothes for society. Elenora Massini argues that a futurist must not only envision what the future will be like, but undertake projects that work towards achieving the preferable future ( These projects should “move towards a more pluralistic future through imaginative analysis and productive action”, which can be fashion designers’ responsibility to ensure we are consuming fashion responsibly in an increasingly fragile ecology. Goodluck on your DA submission!


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