Pitch comments and reflection

As part of my BCM325 Future Cultures unit, I posted three comments in response to my peers’ DA project pitches.

Jordan’s project is to build a functional robot prototype using Blender, a 3D modelling program, and post weekly project status updates that apply future thinking to the concept of robots.

My comment linked Jordan’s project to the framework of future thinking and suggested key terms to utilise for his weekly update posts. I also directed him to specific readings that I thought would be helpful, as well as additional resource on the design process that was outlined in his pitch video to be used for the development of his robot prototype.

Grace’s project tackles the issues of fast fashion using video essays, focusing on the company SHEIN, and discusses its future economic and environmental implications, ultimately aiming to education her audience in making more informed decisions.

In this comment, I responded to her question regarding fast fashion and reiterated her application of future thinking on her topic. I also suggested including past trends in fast fashion in order to round out her exploration of the future of fast fashion, as well as some other areas of interest her pitch video raised, such as the role and growth of China in manufacturing and the concept of the Circular Economy in waste management discussions.

Bella’s project looks at the future of food, utilising existing academic research that looks at its history and future to inspire and create YouTube videos and Instagram food content.

Her pitch stood out to me as a great integration of subject content and creative expression of her research. I highlighted her use of key terms and research and found another academic source on the future of food. I also suggested some creative ideas she could utilise for her videos based on similarly themed videos I had already seen.

With each comment, I did my best to describe their pitch within the context of the Future Cultures subject and how it related to the field of future studies. Each project went in very different directions, which ended up being a great example to me of how diverse future studies can be and how it can be applied to different areas of interest. Jordan’s topic seemed at first to be the most ‘related’ to future technology research, but Grace and Bella’s pitches on fashion and food show how future thinking is applicable to more than just robots and technology. Even within each topic, there are several avenues their research can potentially take them and show different ways to apply future thinking. Bella’s post in particular integrated subject content in a way that helped me better understand it and see how I could have improved my own pitch. Writing each comment helped to solidify my understanding of subject content by seeing how other students were utilising it for their own areas of interest.

As well as linking their pitch to the subject material, I conducted further research or suggested content I was already familiar with that may be of help to their topics. I looked for a mix of related books, journal articles and popular media that would hopefully help with research, design and creative inspiration. I also tried to make additional suggestions on different directions their research could take.

Posting feedback on other students undertaking the same subject was incredibly helpful in wrapping my head around subject content and developing my own digital artefact, which makes sense since we’re all in the same boat! Each project showed how seemingly unconnected topics can all be analysed under the same knowledge framework of future thinking, and how it can all come together in a creative digital artefact. My own pitch lacked the more direct engagement and link to lecture content that I saw in other posts, and ultimately led me to redirect my DA entirely where I could better engage with the future thinking framework and express it in a creative way.

Stay tuned for my Beta update!


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