The future of vlogging

Did you ever write in a diary?

Diaries provide a means of writing ourselves into the world and were considered an almost obligatory companion during the 19th century, coined ‘the golden age of the diary’. It’s linked to the quest for individuality or self, developing during the 20th century into a more modernist drive for deliberate self-creation in a more aesthetic or political sense (Ibrahim 2002, p. 3).

Would those writing diaries 200 years ago have imagined what it has turned into today?

Still a relatively new phenomenon, vlogging has links to all kinds of disciplines, such as tourism, advertising and social movements (e.g. de Janns & Hudders 2020, Phelps-Ward & Laura 2016, Lee & Watkins 2016, Folkvord et al. 2018). Just as advancements in printing and literacy made diaries a more accessible activity, the rising accessibility to the internet, cameras and editing software allowed for diaries to cross over into the digital space. The future of vlogging continues to change with growing audiences, corporate involvement and a general shift how we continue to connect digitally.

My BCM325 Future Cultures digital artefact will be creating weekly vlogs for my YouTube channel, both as a form of online journalling and developing my digital media skills. It will be wrapped up in a final reflection video essay at the end of the semester, commenting on the short-term future of vlogging as a general practice as well as my personal experience with it as a creator.

See you online!


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8 thoughts on “The future of vlogging

  1. Hi Lia!
    Firstly, I think that your desired concept is interesting, and provokes the audience’s curiosity as well as self-reflection. Straight off the bat, you have already clearly defined your DA concept. You mentioned that you are focusing on the short-term future of vlogging. However, there wasn’t a specific time frame that you outlined. Will you be focusing more on the future of vlogging in 5 years? 10 years? This just gives us more of an idea of how drastic the change that you anticipate might be. Moving on from this, you outline your methodology and production timeline clearly. Something that I liked about this particular part of the pitch was the simplicity of the methodology and production timeline that you plan on incorporating in your DA process. Following on from this, your public utility is made very clear. Not only did you outline it, but your concept as a whole, outlines the public utility by being an example of how vlogs are useful to society. Overall, the only points that I would recommend improving is the clarity with your future timeline and ensuring that your vlogs are “future” based. These are minor details and are easily adjusted! Overall, I believe that your project has a great concept with amazing potential! I can’t wait to see what you produce!
    – Madeline Williams (:


  2. Hi, Lia! I think your DA is very interesting, and vlog was also my DA project in my studies last year. Vlog is very popular on various social media, and your vlog positioning is also very clear. But in this pitch, you didn’t mention the future situation. I think vlog has great future prospects. For example, you mentioned that it is related to tourism and advertising. In the next five or ten years, vlogger can become a life-recording profession. Tourist attractions can allow vloggers to advertise, and vloggers can get free travel and funding. This can also become a free profession in the future. This article mentioned how to let more people see your videos faster in the YouTube channel, and there are some examples of target markets such as fitness and financial investment. I found an article on how to successfully become a vlogger career through marketing. It would be great if it can help you! I really like watching vlog on YouTube and look forward to your vlog!


  3. Lia!
    Your Pitch for your Digital Artefact intrigued me deeply. I’ve definitely given vlogging ago and it’s a confronting thing to do, especially exposing your personal life to people you may not know so well done!! Vlogging is definitely a new and improved form of blogging that has developed through the advancements of technology. I would love to hear from you more about the specific future. Do you want to develop ideas about the near distant future or would you be focusing it on 10 years from now? I looked into Youtube and how many viewers it brings in. Through my research I found that 1 billion unique visitors access Youtube each month.Youtube is a huge beneficial platform for people like you experimenting with vlogging and it’s only going to increase with trends. So it will be nice to see you develop your future timeline ensuring your vlog is future based as theirs so many pathways you can go down. Excited to see what you do with it!!


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